HARP computes the release point for high altitude airdrops. Designed in a coordinated effort by aircrew and parachutists to consolidate and simplify HARP calculations. HARP is available in three versions: HARP Sport (HALO only), HARP Pro (HALO/HAHO), and HARP Pro 2S (HALO/HAHO/Two-Stage).



Single Page Concept. The left side of the display shows data common to all drops like weather and point of impact. The tabs on the right side of the page display complete information for each drop type. Input and output is simultaneously visible; no more flipping between pages to check or update data. Compact design permits view of map and drop data on small, portable computer displays.


Designed for speed from the ground up. Point and click for PI coordinates from FalconView or Google Earth. Single mouse-click for 12-hour wind forecast from NOAA. Changes are instantaneously computed and displayed.


Independant or integrated with FalconView and/or Google Earth. Immediate updates for altitude changes. Combination HALO/Two-Stage functionality. Ammendable Two-Stage parachute database.