HARP v2.0

HARP computes the release point for high altitude airdrops. Designed in a coordinated effort by aircrew and parachutists to consolidate and simplify HARP calculations. HARP is available in three versions: HARP Sport (HALO only), HARP Pro (HALO/HAHO), and HARP Pro 2S (HALO/HAHO/Two-Stage).


CARP v2.1

CARP is fast, full-featured and easy to use software that computes the release point for low altitude airdrops.


Leaflet v1.0

Leaflet is fast, easy to use software that computes the release point for leaflet drops. Leaflet uses a unique, target centered approach. FalconView is required. All data, except wind, is mouse-driven; no keyboard entry is permitted.


T2 Vertical Flight Planner (T2VFP) v2.0

T2VFP is designed to give low level crews the ability to fly a virtual low level route during the mission planning phase to determine performance and threat constraints prior to mission execution.  It integrates seemlessly with FalconView and Google Earth to give crews a 3D picture of the route prior to execution. The corridor and performance functions are adaptable to any low level platform.


MC-130H Pilot VDT Trainer v1.1

The MC-130H Pilot VDT Trainer is a PC-based real-time video display terminal trainer for MC-130H pilots. Gives new MC-130H pilots the opportunity to learn the complexities of the T2 display prior to entering simulator training.


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