T2 Vertical Flight Planner (T2VFP) v2.0

T2VFP is designed to give low level crews the ability to fly a virtual low level route during the mission planning phase to determine performance and threat constraints prior to mission execution.  It integrates seemlessly with FalconView and Google Earth to give crews a 3D picture of the route prior to execution. The corridor and performance functions are adaptable to any low level platform.

T2VFP Main




An accurate display of climb and altitude performance significantly improves safety. Displays climb performance for 3 and 4 engine TF (Talon 2) simultaneously. Instantly shows obstacle warnings.

Operational Planning

Quickly create a "fly-through" for an entire route; it only takes a few minutes for each hour of flight. Improves tactical planning by visualizing route with Google Earth. Point and click reference altitudes and start climb points for modified contour low level. Reconfigurable terrain corridor and climb performance makes the system useful for almost any platform. Displays threat detection/engagement line-of-site. Redefines route study.

Mission Training

Allows new crews to see the TF corridor in action. Makes corridor management easier to understand.